Recently, many transport companies offer CO₂ monitoring as a (paid) service. Surprisingly, the outcome of this monitoring can often be quite different for the same shipment at another transport company. Often there is a lack of insight in the calculations behind the monitoring. More recently even; this has led to some European government initiatives to create reliable monitoring. This means a thorough analysis of the actual performance of any company, working with fixed standards.

The next step, which will follow in the coming years, will be an official certification of the CO₂ footprint of any company, even going so far that accountants will need to sign; and in future possible CO₂ tax being introduced. In the light of this developments, the industry associations are coordinating their efforts to create a high quality CO₂ monitoring that will meet the future standards.

CO₂ Improve:

  • calculations are accredited and in methodological conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies (GLEC), based on EU standard & certified.
  • is approved by IAF (The International Apparel Federation), the world’s leading federation for apparel manufacturers, (SME) brands, their associations and the supporting industry. The IAF is aiming to create world-wide standards on the monitoring of CO₂ in logistics within the Fashion, Textile & Sports industry.
  • prepares you as a brand for future CO₂ taxation, accountant statements and EU taxonomy Regulation (scope 3)
  • meets the carbon footprint for your GOTS or B-corp certification

Prepare for future demands from customers, governments, accountants and NGOs.