In the field of logistics Greenway Logistics has developed a concept together with IAF: CO2 improve. Driven by the rapid growth in attention for sustainable logistics, this logistics concept has been created to lower the CO2 footprint of any company in the European Fashion, Textile and Sports industry.

Sustainability is here to stay

Nobody can ignore the rise in relevance of becoming green and clean, the need for companies to become responsible in tackling issues causing climate change, waste and other negative effects in its supply chain. Pressure from consumers, NGO´s and governments is increasing, but on an individual basis it is hard to improve CO2 footprint for any company. A lot of attention is being given to weak monitoring and compensation initiatives. However sympathetic this may be for now; it will not lead to the required reductions in CO2.

the essence of creatinG a greener
logistics is cooperation

The Fashion, Textile an Sport industries are among the most polluting because of the huge amount of relatively small shipments that go around. The many SME companies are all individually taking care of their often outsourced transport, working with hundreds of different transport companies. It is a fragmented landscape. The average container or truck moving with fashion in Europe is loaded between 50% and 60% with goods.

so, don´t compensate. innovate.