Our Focus

The textile industry's supply chain extends across the globe, this results in a logistics footprint with a very high degree of CO₂ emissions. The growing awareness of consumers, governments and NGO’s means that more companies are both willing and motivated to do better. Additionally, with future carbon taxes, it is especially important for any business to understand their current footprint and how they can improve and reduce their company's overall carbon footprint.

In the field of logistics Greenway Logistics has developed a concept together with the IAF: CO₂ improve. The ultimate goal is to improve the global fashion, sports and lifestyle industry when it comes to CO₂ emissions through logistics. CO₂ Improve helps companies to gain insight into their CO₂ footprint and supports in reducing CO₂ emissions of its logistics operations by innovating and cooperating. It’s about improving instead of compensating.

CO₂ Improve offers high-quality, government certified, monitoring which meets future standards. Calculations are based on the well-known GLEC Framework (the international standard for emission calculation developed by the Global Logistics Emissions Council). The results of the CO₂ Improve analysis can be used for official reports and purposes.

Make sure your company is ready to meet future regulations of EU-Law and consumer demand. We are happy to support you and your company with our certified and accredited GLEC report and reduce your CO₂ footprint at the same time.