Partnership is one of our SDG goals, an important focus is collaboration. You can become our CO₂ Improve partner if you continuously work on improving the CO₂ footprint of your members / customers. Be part of our community where we put the ‘improve’ first.

Our partnerships can be within several areas and the goal is to improve on lowering the CO₂ footprint, based on the elements:

  • Logistics concepts
  • Improving visibility or credibility within supply chain
  • Education & information – influencing others
  • Circular business model, CSR strategy plan
  • Sharing of business intel / best practice in the logistics
  • Strategic opportunity creation / problem solving – advisor

CO₂ Improve is approved by IAF (The International Apparel Federation), the world’s leading federation for apparel manufacturers, (SME) brands, their associations and the supporting industry. The IAF is taking the lead to create world-wide standards on the monitoring of CO₂ in logistics within the within the Fashion, Textile & Sports industry.

Calculating CO₂ emissions resulting from fashion logistics operations requires the work of experts with a strong involvement in fashion logistics in order to devise accurate systems of measurement that are able to cope with all of the typical variations. Industry organizations from all over the world recognize these developments and support the IAF in working towards these world-wide standards.

Through CO₂ improve, we at Ellos Group have been able to gain a deeper understanding and a form of starting point in a very clear way regarding our transports and its environmental impact. CO₂ Improve showed what we need to improve and where we should focus on to make the biggest improvements. Through continuous follow-up, we will also be able to see how we develop continuously and how the activities we have undertaken have also yielded results.

Maria Svanehed
Sourcing Manager

With the support of TEKOLOGISTIK, NA-KD has used the CO₂ Improve model based on the GLEC framework to calculate our transport climate emissions. It has truly been a learning journey, both to understand the differences between the CO₂ Improve model and other calculations methods that we use, and the insights we have got from the results based on the more granular calculations which have enabled TEKOLOGISTIK to provide concrete recommendations and actions for NA-KD to reduce our emissions connected to our transportation.

Anna Winde
VP Sustainability

It is important for us and our customers that we actively do something to reduce our CO₂ footprint, both in design, production and logistics. It means a lot to us to have a partner who has concepts that can reduce and improve our CO₂ footprint logistics, because it can be difficult to figure out yourself and see through. We are therefore really happy for our cooperation with Greenway Logistics.

Camilla Balle
Founder & Director Basic Apparel