CO2 improve monitoring


Recently, many transport companies offer CO2 monitoring as a (paid) service. Surprisingly, the outcome of this monitoring can often be quite different for the same shipment at another transport company. Often there is a lack of insight in the calculations behind the monitoring. More recently even; this has led to some European government initiatives to create reliable monitoring. This means a thorough analysis of the actual performance of any company, working with fixed standards.

The next step, which will follow in the coming years, will be an official certification of the CO2 footprint of any company, even going so far that accountants will need to sign; and in future possible CO2 tax being introduced. In the light of this developments, the industry associations are coordinating their efforts to create a high quality CO2 monitoring that will meet the future standards. On some parts of the supply chain, this CO2 monitoring is already available; more will follow in the course of this year.

In all of the points mentioned above you, as a Fashion, Textile or Sport company can participate. It starts with learning more and analyses where the most interesting stuff is for you. For this you can have free support as a member of your national industry association. Also, all the initiatives are in the hands of a number of selected logistic companies, which are operating under the collective umbrella of the associations. Hands on support is available to help you with your set up. We welcome all participants in exploring their individual possibilities to work on a more sustainable logistics.

CO₂ Improve deliver transport CO₂ emission calculations and helps fashion-, textile- and sports companies to plan and implement reduction measures to improve their performance. Our emission calculations are accredited and in methodological conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies (GLEC Framework, compliant with the EN16258, CCWG and ICAO/IATA RP1678).